Making You An Instant Master Teacher


We Structure the Content of Arithmetic So It Becomes as Connected and Flowing as a Story

Our program, "Mathematics Power Learning,", have thoroughly structured the content of arithmetic as a developmental, contextual flow (like a story). This allows children's minds to assimilate its content more quickly (in the same natural way they assimilate stories rapidly) without any gaps in their knowledge.

We Tell the Truth in Teaching and Learning Math

Because the vast majority of statements made in the traditional teaching of arithmetic are either false or meaningless and children's natural capacities for mastery of mathematics are consequently frustrated (even deactivated), our program to "tell the truth" in all the operations on whole numbers, fractions and decimals. As a teacher/parent, you will be very surprised at the rapid and thorough understanding you are able to achieve when you experience truth telling in arithmetic.

We Unleash the Power of Children's Mental Computers

Because there exists behind the cute faces of our children, an awesomely powerful computer, our truth telling enables it (a child's mental computer) to develop mental programs for processing the operations on whole numbers, fractions and decimals.  By activating children's mental computers for maximum efficiency in the learning and retention of mathematics, we eliminate remediation and rote learning.  When children have mental programs for processing mathematical operations, you will never hear them accepting their mind's "inability" to understand explanations by saying, for example, "Don't explain, just show me the steps."

We Provide Unprecedented Developments in Mathematics Education

Our methodology is responsible for some unprecedented developments in mathematics education, such as: first and second graders mastering all addition, subtraction and multiplication facts, second graders mastering "difficult" long division, fourth graders mastering all of arithmetic, fifth and sixth graders passing "with flying colors" the same statewide examination in Algebra I traditionally reserved for the brightest ninth graders, children in every class (in every grade up to sixth) using textbooks at least one year ahead of their grade. 

  Dr. Barrett demonstrates Professor B program-Book 1 Pathways DVD (19 min's)

Sample Lesson Pathways DVD 1