Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to know math to teach this program?

Absolutely not,  Anyone that can read can become an Instant Master Teacher of math with this program; mom, dad, grandparents, even an older sibling.

How early can a child start this program?

You may begin our program with a child as early as 3 years old.

Does this program work for children with learning disabilities?

While we have not conducted official research on any specific learning disability, parent struggling in various areas have told us that the program has been a huge success for them.

How long does a lesson last each day?

That varies with the age of the child.  Anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes daily.  

When teaching younger children using Level 1 always try to end the lesson at the height of excitement.  

How do I know where to start my child in the program?

Start your child where they need to be, not by their grade level.  Ex. If your child is in the 5th grade and struggling with addition and subtraction, start the child in Level 1.  Maybe not at the very beginning, but wherever you begin you will be laying a more solid foundation.

What do you mean 3 years of math in 1 year?

It's true.  We cover 3 years of arithmetic in each of our Books and IMT CD-Levels.  Each Book/CD takes about 10 months to complete.  Remediating older children will move much faster, since we will simply be turning on the light bulb for them.