Making You An Instant Master Teacher


We have been delivering our powerful and proven methodology to student in schools and at home for over thirty (30) years.  That's a long time to be in business and we are still here because our math program does what it says it will do.                                                                                                                                              

Our first and most important objective is for children to learn math quickly and easily.  Our aim is to spare them the agony of rote "memorization" and "Just do it, steps to get the answers" without understanding what they are doing.  

We have two options for you to deliver our math program to your student:  

The first option is our Mathematics Power Learning for Children Books 1, 2 and 3 with its corresponding workbooks.  The books are scripted and easy to follow.  Each book covers three (3) grade levels but only take one (1) year or less to complete; Book 1 (K-2nd), Book 2 (3rd-5th), Book 3 (6th-8th).   This means that your students become accelerated learners without trying and those students that may be struggling can catch-up and move ahead rapidly.  

Our second option is our Instant Master Teacher E-Learning with its corresponding workbook program; Level 1 (K-2nd), Level 2 (3rd-5th), Level 3 (6th-8th).  We've taken most of the potent techniques and strategies from the Power Learning Books and place them in a Power Point presentation.  There are a few changes and we've also added "Time" and "Money" to the IMT CDs. The instructor simply chooses a lesson from the table of contents and reads the captions over Professor Bee's head and the student responds.  Immediately you will be "Master Teaching"  because you will be verbalizing the truth embedded in the program.  Anyone can teach using this option.  

Whatever option you choose, we suggest you begin where the student needs to begin and not just his/her grade level; especially if your child is experiencing frustration and is unhappy with math time.  Then, start by backing up to where it's easy for the child, allowing him/her to become acquainted with winning.  You will be surprised at how free of stress math time can be and how rapidly they will move forward.