Making You An Instant Master Teacher


For over 30 years we have successfully taught many students and their instructors to not only master math, but love it as well.

Whether a licensed teacher or a mom who has never taught before, our copyrighted techniques and strategies placed in scripted text make the teaching and learning of math simple and fun. Our truth-based verbalization ensures that the subject is easily assimilated.

Because we want to make it easy for our many customers and those interested in using Professor B Math to:

        - See and touch the product (Power Learning Books)

        - Purchase the materials without the cost of shipping

        - Speak to someone who uses or has used the program

        - Get support in deciding where to start, and/or

        - See some techniques demonstrated

We are proud to introduce the Professor B Math Cottage.  


Simply put, Professor B Math Cottage and its operator is a home/office based business that:

        - Offers customers all the above mentioned services.

        - Purchases our products (Power Learning Books) at a discounted rate.

        - Has contact information to 'Your Cottage' directly on our website.

        - Receives videos and phone support from Professor B.

        - Receives a sealed Certificate of Operation

        - May or may not offer training/tutoring

If you are interested in operating a Professor B Math Cottage, please email us at Please include a daytime phone number where you can be reached.


Country        City/State                                Name                                        Phone #                    Email/website

Canada        Shelburne, Ontario   JOY Center of Learning         (519) 925-9621

UK                Rochester, Kent                     Haven Consult, Adeleke Oteju  07472244454

                                                                                                                          01634325254 - US 941-613-9057