What people are saying about Professor B

Press Mentions:

The New York Times - Bringing "Magic" to Math

"They call him a life-saver, a miracle worker, a genius. At the very least a weaver of classroom magic."

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Newsday - Roosevelt Program Adds up to Success

"...A second-grade teacher...started using Barrett's methods...Her students can do complicated examples of long division... and, she says, "they know their times tables backwards and forwards." The Daily News - Ghetto Kids Whiz through the Cosines

"First graders...barely tall enough to reach the blackboard, are doing addition and subtraction of six digit numbers. By second grade, they're polishing off long division. If fifth and sixth grade, they're sailing through the algebra regents exam for ninth-grade student." Library Journal - Book Review

"...Recommended for academic libraries with teacher preparation curricula and for public libraries serving parents seeking active involvement in their children's education." - Newark Post

Professor B. Math Program a big help to teachers and kids

"Their parents are thrilled."

Cathy Duffy's Review of Professor B Math:

"As Dr. Barrett explains, the methodology—called “contextual mathematics teaching”—is based upon the idea that the “awareness of mathematics is best retained by reconstruction rather than memorization… and was created to eliminate rote learning” (from the Preface to each book). While the “response in unison “ technique has been most frequently associated with rote learning, in this case, the response practice is use to reinforce conceptual learning that has already been demonstrated with fingers, bundles of sticks, or pictures on the board. Students are taught why arithmetic algorithms work rather than simply presented with facts to learn. For each new concept, children first learn how and why it works, then they are taught the computational strategy that is commonly used."

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References & Testimonials:

Since learning of the Professor B Math Methodology, my passion for learning and teaching math has been stirred. This experience has been like a "rebirth" for me. I have a deep concern about the number of students who have a fear of math and who are failing math. I strongly recommend the Professor B Math Program to all teachers, parents, and students. This in the ONLY way to rescue our students. It never fails that when I use the strategies with my students, they say "Oh! I get it now!" That's priceless and that's what I look forward to everywhere I go. It works! All math teachers need to experience the Professor B Power Learning Institute...it will change the way you teach math and you will ultimately experience success like never before with your students. Thank God for Professor B!!!"

Johnette R. Winfrey
Math Specialist
Kenilworth Middle School
East Baton Rouge
Teacher of the Year 2005-06

"When Victory World Christian School opened two years ago, we decided to teach math logically and sequentially using Professor B's methods. His interactive CD that is used in the classroom and at home with children and their parents MAKES SENSE. It is fun and educational. Children master concepts and move progressively through the first CD all the way through the third, over their elementary school experience. Our children have excelled on the Stanford Achievement Tests in the math procedures and the math problem solving sections. Actually, there are things that our children are learning, using his methodologies, that aren't measured on the national tests-but they are critical foundation blocks. So we are excited about what the future holds for our students as they progress through his system. Professor B is passionate about unlocking children's capacity to learn and love math. His methods are fun for students, teachers, and parents alike."

Irene M. Prue, Ph. D.
Victory World Christian School
Former Dean - Perimeter College

"I have been privileged to work with Professor B Enterprises in five schools. At this time, C.A.R.E. had received a grant from the Rural Trust Foundation to see if the school climate could be changed and if mathematics scores, on the Stanford Achievement Test at North Sumter Junior High School in the Sumter County Alabama School District, could be improved. North Sumter scored 28 out of a possible 99 in mathematics on the Stanford Achievement Test. During mid-year, Professor B was introduced into the school. The school was on alert status, if they remained on alert, they would be taken over by the state. The school was desperate to have assistance. During the 1999-2000 year, Professor B's Mathematics Program was implemented in North Sumter Junior High School on a regular basis. This is not just a theoretical discourse about the possibilities that all children can learn at a high level, rather it is the practical, I have seen it for myself, type of discourse. In 2000-2001, the 3rd graders at North Sumter scored 74 in mathematics. This was a phenomenal increase in just one and a half years."

Rhoda E. Johnson
Associate Professor
University of Alabama