Making You An Instant Master Teacher

Instant Master Teacher E-Learning CD Level 1


Our same powerful techniques and strategies placed on a CD using a  Power Point Presentation to deliver the lessons to the student.  One simply reads the caption over "Professor Bee's" head and they will be instantly "Master Teaching." 

Original number sense activities and original strategies for pre-k through 2nd graders and remediation of older learners.


CONTENT  -  Understanding "One" Through "Ten" - Complements in Ten - Counting to Ten by Ones; Forward/Backward with Adding/Subtracting One - Counting to Ten by Twos - Two Ways; Forward/Backward with Adding/Subtracting Two - Counting to Ten by Threes - Three Ways; Forward/Backward with Adding/Subtracting Three - More, Less, Equal; Comparing Numbers-Ten or Less - Lower Addition/Subtraction Facts - Counting to One Hundred - Vocabulary and Symbolism of Numeration-Place Value-Value of Each Digit - Applying Place Value-Representing Numbers with Manipulative's - Standard/Expanded Form -Adding Two Large Whole Numbers (without regrouping)-Tell the Truth - Trapping, Rounding, Estimating - Subtracting One Large Whole Number from Another (without exchanging)-Tell the Truth - Higher Addition/Subtraction Facts - Ten for One Game - Addition of Large Numbers with Regrouping-Tell the Truth - One for Ten Game - Subtraction of Large Numbers with Exchanging-Tell the Truth - Finding the Missing Number - Problem Solving Involving Addition and Subtraction - Mental Addition/Column Addition - Fractional Parts & Order Among Fractions - Reading Time in a Few Lessons (NOT Two Years) - Money Value of a Set of Coins