Making You An Instant Master Teacher

Instant Master Teacher CD Level 3


Our same powerful techniques and strategies placed on a CD and using a  Power Point Presentation to deliver the lessons to the teacher.  Rather than preview the lesson by reading it in the Power Learning textbooks, you will click through the Instant Master Teacher CD powerpoints, reading the caption over each "Professor Bee's" head.  You will be instantly "Master Teaching".

These CDs will not work on Apple computers.

Instant Master Teacher CD Level 3 covers skills for 6th through 8th graders and for remediation of older learners.  These CDs feature Professor Barrett's original and effective methods for thorough understanding and mastery of multiplication/division of fractions, the decimals and metric systems, operations on decimals, transforming among fractions/decimals/percents and rounding off.  Your learners should complete “Instant Master Teacher CD – Level 3 in 10 months or less.  

TABLE OF CONTENTS  -  Comparing Fractions - Multiplication/Division with Fractions/Mixed Numbers - Introduction of Decimals/Place Value - Terminating Decimals to Mixed Numbers and Fractions - Non-terminating, Repeating Decimals to Mixed Numbers and Fractions - Fractions to Equivalent Decimals - Place Value Relationships and The Metric System - Comparing Decimals - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing with Decimals - Percents to Decimals and Fractions - Decimals and Fractions to Percents - Rounding Off