Making You An Instant Master Teacher

Professor B Math Power Learning WALL (2'x3') Charts - Call to check inventory


Power Learning WALL Charts.    The set includes 10 individual chart measuring 24" x 36" each.  Practice for the following:

#1. Quick - Children will respond rapidly and accurately to the lower Addition and subtraction facts without using fingers.

#2, #3.  Lower Addition/Subtraction Facts

#4. Counting to 100 and Beyond - Snap Doubling

#5. Snatch - Child will transform the "nine-plus," "Eight-plus," "seven-plus," and "Six-plus," addition facts into equivalent "ten-plus" facts and quickly find the answer without counting.

#6. The Higher Addition Facts.

#7. The Higher Subtraction Facts.

#8. Jump - Children will respond quickly and accurately to such examples as 36+8, 65+3 and 83+9

#9. Doubling - Children will respond rapidly and accurately when asked to double any two-digit number less than fifty

#10. Times Tables Chart -